50 States Virtual Challenge

Tue July 28 - Wed July 28
Gump Challenge

My mama always said dream BIG!  Gump Challenge is 3009 miles from Santa Monica Pier, CA across the continental United States to Plymouth Rock, MA. 

FUN FACT ALERT: elevation gain along route 96,824 ft up and elevation decent 96,811 ft down, just keep that in mind all you flat land friends.

How does it work:  You have ONE FULL YEAR to go about 8.3 miles per day or about 57.9 miles per week

Are you still asking yourself if this is possible? Of course, it starts with a "Yes, I can", then find ways to be intentional on logging your miles. Maybe wake up, log a few in the morning, commute to work by bike if safe to do so, lunch time walk for 15 minutes to log another mile, and finish up your day with an evening walk or bike ride.  Weekends find ways to log a few extra miles, that will allow you some time during the week to take a day off.  The average distance of getting 10,000 steps in a day is roughly 5 miles, keep that in mind for your intentional logging of miles not counting trips to the water fountain or down the hall.  Now go live your dreams!

Keep in mind rewards along your challenge journey to completing the Gump Challenge.  As you reach certain milestones, we will mail you a reward.  See the "SWAG and Mailing Rewards" under "FAQ".  Click here to "Submit your mileage activities".  Click here for "Questions about Mileage Activities".

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